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Releases of Alff

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version md5sum GPG signature tarball
0.0.5 69d6fc8ca3f478c74b9357564f63c25e click here click here
0.0.4 df12aa008566cfd08749da7ec6609de1 click here click here
0.0.3 c5de758f9baa2157ab5bf85b305293c5 click here click here

Alff packages for Debian sarge

Just put the following two lines into your /etc/apt/sources.list and use apt-get update; apt-get install alff-rulegen to install the rule generation tool.
On each firewall has alff-agent to be installed.

deb http://debian.rfc2324.org/debian/ unstable main
deb-src http://debian.rfc2324.org/debian/ unstable main

Get the latest development version

Alff development is oragnized via the GIT source code management system.
You can get a copy of the source code tree with the following command:

git clone http://git.rfc2324.org/alff.git/